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Jeetendra Singh

Founder and Senior Pastor of Naya Life Community Church

Jeetendra Singh is Senior Pastor of NayaLife Community Church in Aurora, CO. He and his wife, Heather, planted “NLCC” in 2011. God gave Jeetendra a vision to reach the people of Aurora.  He started with a prayer drive around the communities in Aurora.  While on a prayer walk, he met a lady named Monmaya Khanal.  He started building a relationship with her and her family.   Through their friendship, he met the Sharma family.  These two families wanted to have church, but Jeetendra did not want to start a church. He just wanted to reach the lost and bring them to the church where he was serving as a Worship pastor.  People kept asking him when the would start a church.

Finally, in February 2011, they had their first service in a one bedroom apartment on Moline Street in Aurora.  Ten people showed up for first service. He thought people would get tired and only attend one or two services before stopping.   Figuring they would be done and there would be no church the next week, they were shocked when 20 people showed up. Wow!   He was thinking, what is God doing in this one bedroom apartment?  Surely, next week there will be no more church; and, instead 30 people showed up to that one bedroom apartment.   Finally, Pastor Jeetendra and Heather were convinced that it was God asking them to start this church. 

Before starting NayaLife Community Church, they prayed a lot to be sure if it was God’s will, it will not stop.  Starting a new church was to be in the hand’s of God and not just their idea.  But, instead of stopping, the church started growing.  Since 2011, they have reached over 250 people personally and grown the regular congregation to more than 100 attendees.

Jeetendra feels called to help the local church equip believers to serve in their gifts. Teach them, train them and send them to where God is calling them. He has helped plant several other churches in North India and built a Home of Hope Orphanage in North India as well the Outreach Ministries Center.  He is doing the same thing here in the United States, reaching the lost, training the untrained and sending the unsent. His heart is mission. His vision is sending missionaries into the rest of the world.

Pastor Jeetendra is a graduate of Central Bible Collage in India. He and Heather were married in 2002 and have four children.

Jeetendra is passionate about healthy leaders and churches multiplying throughout the U.S. as well as abroad…until there is a ‘candle in every community.

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